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Famous Avisons


Fame is a hard thing to quantify. In an attempt to be objective, here are the top 10 most referenced forenames on Google, in decreasing order. In most cases, one individual is clearly responsible for the majority of references.

  • Al Avison (1920-1984), American comic book artist. Best known for his work on Captain America and the Whizzer. Wikipedia
  • Charles Avison (1708/9-1770), English baroque concerto composer and music critic. In his native Newcastle-upon-Tyne, the Avison Ensemble perform and record his music, and his workbooks are held at the City Library, which is named in his honour. Wikipedia
  • John Avison, English journalist at the Huddersfield Daily Examiner.
  • John Avison (1915-1983), Canadian conductor and pianist. Wikipedia
  • John Avison (1941-2009), English physics educator.
  • William Avison, Canadian professor of sociology at Univeristy of Western Ontario.
  • Gary Avison, English agricultural plant dealer.
  • David Avison, English professor of information systems at ESSEC Business School, Paris.
  • Margaret Avison (1918-2007), Canadian poet. Wikipedia
  • Jessica Avison, American web designer.
  • George Avison (1885-1970), American artist (father of Al).
  • Matthew Avison, English microbiologist, University of Bristol.
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